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Research Title Platelet Alloantibodies and platelet transfusion response in Multitransfused hematology platelet at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital
Focus Infectious Diseases
Investigator Anna Mira Lubis
Adviser -
Category Clinic
Research Date (Start Date) 00 Januari 2008
Exam Date 00 00 2008


Random donor multitransfusion and non-leukocyte depleted blood product have been known as a risk factors platelet alloimmunization (HLA and HPA) and remains a big problem due to platelet transfusion refractoriness. Need further investigation regarding transfusion response and alloantibodyi n multitransfusedin Indonesia, to serve a better transfusion by performing donor selection afterwards.



To found : (l) platelet transfusion response by CCI I hour post transfusion measurement, (2) platelet alloantibody detection (Ig G) to HLA class l, epitope GP IIb/IIIa, Ib/IX and IalIIa antigens by Indirect ELISA, (3) association between platelet alloantibody and platelet transfusion response in multitransfused hematology patients.



Observasional study was conducted to transfusion given to multitransfused hematology patients, excluded for conditions and comorbidities that could influenced CCI 1

hour post transfusion, during March to June 2008, at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, with sample size estimation of 36.CCI was measured within 1 hour post transfusion with cut off level 7500 m2/ml. Platelet alloantibody detected by Indirect ELISA using ccmercial kit Pak-z LE. Statistical analysis were performed using chi-square and logistic regression with Cl 95%.



Main Results:

Thirty six transfusion included in the study with 2l participants. As much as 33%

failed to achief satisfactory response with CCI < 7500. HLA class I antibody was detected in 38,9% transfusion and 2,8% alloimmunized subject was positif to epitope GP IIb/IIIa. There is an association between Ig G HLA class l and platelet transfusion failure (PR 4,7, p = 0,003, CI 95% 1,535-14,47 with Adjusted PR 11,4).



Patients with HLA class I antibody tend to came with platelet transfusion failure. The association cpitope CP antibody with platelet transfusion response needs further investigation.

Key words:

platelet, transfusion, alloantibodies