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Research Title Alternative Medicine and Its Correlation with Socio-Demographic Factors and Health Savings: Cross Sectional Study at Kelurahan Bidara Cina, Jakarta Timur 2011
Focus Others (-)
Investigator Faisal Muda
NIM 1006684390
Adviser Retno Asti Werdhani
Category Epidemiology
Research Date (Start Date) 01 Januari 2011
Exam Date 26 Juli 2013
Keywords Alternative medicine history, Socio-demographic, Health savings, Kelurahan Bidaracina, Cross-sectional study

In 2004, it is estimated that 31.7% of Indonesian citizens were alternative medicine users. The goal of this research is to know the relationship between socio-demographic factor and health savings with the use of alternative medicine. The data collection have begun in 2011 with geographical random sampling method in Kelurahan Bidara Cina, Jakarta Timur. From 378 respondents, about 27% have used the alternative medicine. There is a significant result between age with the use of alternative medicine (p=0.024). Moreover, there are no significant relation between health insurance ownership (p=0.153) and health savings ownership (p=0.232) with the use of alternative medicine.