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Research Title Initial Treatment in Housewives and Its Association with Social and Economic Factors: Cross Sectional Study at Bidara Cina Village Year 2011
Focus Urban Health Studies
Investigator Tasha
NIM 1006658442
Adviser Retno Asti Werdhani
Category Epidemiology
Research Date (Start Date) 01 Januari 2011
Exam Date 26 Juli 2013
Keywords Initial treatment, housewives, social factors, economic factors

Housewives have important roles related to family care-seeking behaviour. The objective is understanding initial treatment in housewives and its association with social and economic factors. Cross sectional study and geographical random sampling are used. Data were collected at Bidara Cina Village in February-May 2011. From 378 subjects, there is age median difference between complementary and alternative medicine (41.00 years old) with conventional medicine (46.00 years old). There is also conventional medicine proportion difference between those who have (17.3%) and do not have (7.3%) health insurance. Concluded, age (p=0.019) and health insurance belonging (p=0.003) are related with initial treatment in housewives.