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Research Title The Effectiveness of Education about Sarcoptes scabiei to The Student of Pesantren in South Jakarta
Focus Environmental Health
Investigator Christy Elaine
NIM 0806320521
Adviser Saleha Sungkar
Category Clinic
Research Date (Start Date) 03 Mei 2013
Exam Date 15 Juli 2013
Keywords Education, etiology, scabies, questionnaire, pretest, posttest

This research was conducted to determine the effectiveness of education about sarcoptes scabiei to the student of pesantren X in South Jakarta. In addition, this study also determine the distribution and comparison of education level, age, the number and the most memorable information resources with the pretest and posttest score about the causes of scabies. Students was collected to be given education about scabies and were given questionnaires before and after counseling. The acquired data were entered and analyzed using computer by SPSS programe. More than half of the respondents had elementary school or junior high education level. Most of the subjects were informed about the scabies from one resource and from the doctor. From variables that assessed (education level, age, number of information resources, and the most memorable information resources) in the pretest and posttest, there were only level of knowledge differences in posttest about the cause of scabies between subjects that gained information from physicians and with non physicians (p=0.003). There is a significant difference in knowledge between the pretest and posttest (p=0.000). It can be concluded that the education of the causes of Sarcoptes scabiei at pesantren X in South Jakarta showing an effective results.