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Research Title The Level of Knowledge About Clinical Manifestations of Scabies at X Boarding School Student Before and After Counseling
Focus Environmental Health
Investigator Siti Sarah
NIM 0806324513
Adviser Saleha Sungkar
Category Clinic
Research Date (Start Date) 09 Juni 2013
Exam Date 15 Juli 2013
Keywords boarding school; clinical manifestations; counseling; scabies

About 300 million people infected by S. scabiei.. Founded high prevalence of scabies, especially in boarding schools because students do not have sufficient knowledge about the life cycle of scabies, symptoms, transmission, treatment, and prevention. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of knowledge about the clinical manifestations of scabies at X boarding school students in South Jakarta before and after counseling. Research using experimental research design with pre-post study method. Data collection was conducted in Jakarta on May 9, 2013 to 100 students who were asked to fill out questionnaires before and after counseling. The questionnaire contained five questions regarding the treatment of scabies infection. Results of this study showed that prior to counseling students who have a good knowledge level is 6% of respondents, 42% were knowledgeable moderate, and 52% less knowledgeable. Only there is a relationship between knowledge level and age. After counseling, 77% had a good level of knowledge, knowledgeable moderate 9%, and 14% less knowledgeable, this change was highly significant (p <0,05). Concluded that counseling is effective in improving students knowledge about the clinical manifestations of scabies.