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Research Title Effectiveness of Counseling On The Level Knowledge Islamic School Students X In Jakarta about Skabies Treatment, in 2013
Focus Infectious Diseases
Investigator Pascal Komala
NIM 0806324305
Adviser Saleha Sungkar
Category Clinic
Research Date (Start Date) 03 Mei 2013
Exam Date 15 Juli 2013
Keywords skabies, treatment, counseling, pesantren

In developing countries, the prevalence of skabies approximately 6% -27% of the general population and is higher in children and adolescents. Knowledge about prevention plays an important role to eradicate scabies. Aim of this study is to acknowledge the relationship of age, level of education, resources, history of previous scabies with knowledge level of students in the boarding school would be the treatment of skabies X, South Jakarta, and the role of education on the level of knowledge of students will be the treatment of skabies in Pesantren X, South Jakarta. This research be made basicly by experimental research implemented with pre-post study mechanism. The collection of data was organized in Jakarta May 9th 2013. About 100 students participated to fill out questionnaires before and after counseling. This quessionaire contained 5 questions regarding the treatment of scabies. The result of the pre counseling quessionnaire showed that students who have a good knowledge level is 7 (7%), mild 25 students (25%) and poor 68 students (68%). There is no significant relationship in age, level of education, resources and long-suffering with the knowledge of the treatment of scabies. After being given counseling, the teacher with good knowledge level 23 people (23%), mild 37 people (37%) and poor 40 people (40%). Based on the marginal homogenity test, it was concluded that there is significant differences (p <0.01) at the level of knowledge of students before and after health education. In conclusion, counseling served effectivity in upgrading students knowledge about the treatment of scabies to improve the outcome of the disease.