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Research Title Antioxidant Activity Test Using DPPH Method on Citrus sinensis Osb (L.) Var Pacitan juice, flesh extract in methanol, and peel extract in methanol
Focus Others (-)
Investigator Deriyan Sukma Widjaja
NIM 0906554270
Adviser Ida Zubaidah
Category Biomedic
Research Date (Start Date) 01 Mei 2013
Exam Date 08 Agustus 2013
Keywords antioxidant activity, juice, peel extract, flesh extract, pacitan sweet orange

Orange is widely known and produced in Indonesia. It is also known since long as a fruit rich in antioxidant, and antioxidant consumption has been known to have benefit for chronic and degenerative disease mediated by free radical. Between all kinds of orange fruits in Indonesia, the antioxidant activity of pacitan sweet orange was still unknown. The purpose of this study is to obtain antioxidant activity data of pacitan sweet orange using DPPH method. This study is descriptive explorative study which was done in Laboratory of Medical Pharmacy University of Indonesia (June 2013), which used  peel extract, flesh extract, and juice from pacitan sweet orange and using methanol p.a. as solvent with sample volume percentage 3%, 6%, 12%, and 24%. Then, samples were mixed with DPPH and recorded its absorbance using UV-VIS spectrophotometry. The absorbance data then transformed into antioxidant activity using linear regression and the results shows that all of the orange fruit component have antioxidant activity (IC 50 of flesh extract = 12,43%, peel extract 7,04%, and juice 7,29%). In peel extract 12% and 24%, there was no increase in antioxidant activity, suggesting that it probably caused by DPPH reaction which may be reversible.