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Research Title The Effect of Garcinia atroviridis Fruit Extract on Total Cholesterol Level of Wistar Strain Rats with High Fat Diet
Focus Others (-)
Investigator Zahra Farhanni Suhardi
NIM 0906508573
Adviser Rosila Idris
Category Biomedic
Research Date (Start Date) 07 November 2010
Exam Date 06 Desember 2013
Keywords Garcinia atroviridis, total cholesterol level, Wistar rats, high fat diet

Asam gelugur or Garcinia atroviridis contains active ingredients such as flavonoids and hydroxycitric acid, which have been reported to have a hypolipidemic activity. This experiment was conducted to examine the effect of G. atroviridis fruit and skin extract on total cholesterol level of rats fed a high fat diet.
Twenty-five female Wistar rats were randomly divided into five groups. The first two groups are the control group and hyperlipidemia induction group, fed with high fat diet for 21 days. The rest three groups are dose trials in which rats were fed with high fat diet for the first 21 days. And for the next 21 days, rats were given G. atroviridis extract in three different doses which were 10 mg, 20 mg and 30 mg, while maintaining high fat diet. After all the interventions were done, blood samples were obtained for laboratory analysis. The results are processed using Post Hoc test.
Total cholesterol of G. atroviridis extract 20 mg dose trial group showed significantly lower results compared with 10 mg dan 30 mg dose group. However, results from 10 mg dose group are not significantly different compared with 30 mg dose group.
This study has shown that dietary intake of G. atroviridis may decrease total cholesterol level. Increased dose of G. atroviridis extract does not guarantee an increase in effectiveness of decreasing total cholesterol level.