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Research Title Effect of Garcinia atroviridis Fruit Extract to LDL Level in High Lipid Diet Wistar Strain Rats Blood
Focus Drug Development - Clinical Trial
Investigator Dwi Wicaksono
NIM 0906487764
Adviser Rosila Idris
Category Biomedic
Research Date (Start Date) 07 November 2010
Exam Date 06 November 2013

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading cause of death in Indonesia.  Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) is one of lipid profile that has effect on cardiovascular disease.  This research is aimed to discover the effect of Garcinia atroviridis fruit extract to lower LDL level.  This is an experimental study, intervention was given differently to laboratory rats: propylthiouracil (PTU) + high lipid diet, PTU, and 3 extract groups.  Induction is conducted with high lipid diet (0,375 ml chicken fat and 1,5 ml quail egg yolk) and PTU, in PTU with high lipid diet and 3 extract groups.  Rats blood was extracted, PTU and PTU + high lipid diet after 21 days, and 42 days for extract group.  Data was analysed using one way ANOVA parametric test and independent T test.  Mean LDL value of each treatment: (1) PTU (24,8), (2) PTU + high lipid diet (52,4), (3) 10 mg (22,8), (4) 20 mg (25,4), (5) 30 mg (36,25).  T test showed significant result in increasing LDL level after induction and ANOVA test showed significant result in lowering LDL level after given Garcinia atroviridis fruit extract.  Post Hoc analysis shows the most significant result comes from 10 mg dose.  In conclussion, Garcinia atroviridis fruit extract significantly lowers blood LDL of Wistar strain rats.