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Research Title Effect of Garcinia atroviridis Fruit Extract on Trigliceride Level in High Fat Diet Wistar Strain Rats Blood
Focus Drug Development - Clinical Trial
Investigator Christopher Rico Andrian
NIM 0906554251
Adviser Rosila Idris
Category Biomedic
Research Date (Start Date) 07 November 2010
Exam Date 06 Desember 2013

Cardiovascular diseases, the world's number one cause of death has certainly keep increasing. One of the risk factor is hypertriglyceride. This study is an experimental based study which was conducted to learn induction method to increase triglyceride level, and the effect of extract Garcinia atroviridis fruit extract as antitriglyceride. This study was separated into 2, first to look for induction method, second to prove the effect of Garcinia atroviridis fruit extract. The first study consists of high-fat group that was given high fat diet  (0,375ml fatty portion of chicken meat; 1,5ml quail's egg yolk; and 1ml PTU) and non-fat group, that was given standard diet and 1ml PTU. The second study consists of group treatments, which were given high fat diet and extract of Garcinia atroviridis fruit in 3 doses (10mg, 20mg, 30mg). Each group then examined for their triglyceride level. The results were analyzed using t-test for induction method and one-way ANOVA test for the effect of extract There are no significance different between groups without extract (p=0,255). In groups with extract, there's a significance difference between groups (p=0,006). Therefore it concluded that there are significance effect of Garcinia atroviridis fruit extract in reducing triglyceride level in Wistar strain rats blood.