Research of Medical Bachelor, Universitas of Indonesia

No. Title Investigator Adviser Year
(Exam Date)
12 Alternative Medicine and Its Correlation with Socio-Demographic Factors and Health Savings: Cross Sectional Study at Kelurahan Bidara Cina, Jakarta Timur 2011 Faisal Muda Retno Asti Werdhani 2013
14 Activity of Lactate Dehydrogenase in Cardiac Tissue of Systemic Hypoxia Induced Rats Faathimah Mahmudi Isma'il Ani Retno Prijanti 2013
16 Effectiveness of Counseling On The Level Knowledge Islamic School Students X In Jakarta about Skabies Treatment, in 2013 Pascal Komala Saleha Sungkar 2013
18 The Effectiveness of Education about Prevention Awareness Against Scabies to The Student of Pesantren X in South Jakarta Anry Umar Saleha Sungkar 2013
20 The Effectiveness of Education about Sarcoptes scabiei to The Student of Pesantren in South Jakarta Christy Elaine Saleha Sungkar 2013