Research of Medical Bachelor, Universitas of Indonesia

No. Title Investigator Adviser Year
(Exam Date)
2 The Effect of Garcinia atroviridis Fruit Extract on Total Cholesterol Level of Wistar Strain Rats with High Fat Diet Zahra Farhanni Suhardi Rosila Idris 2013
4 Antioxidant Activity Test Using DPPH Method on Citrus sinensis Osb (L.) Var Pacitan juice, flesh extract in methanol, and peel extract in methanol Deriyan Sukma Widjaja Ida Zubaidah 2013
6 The Effectiveness of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis in Reducing the Distribution of Aedes aegypti Larvae in Rawasari Village, Central Jakarta Ivana Firman Saleha Sungkar 2013
8 Evaluation of A Newly Developed Commercial Bio-Rad NS1 AG Strip as Diagnostic Kit For DEN-1 and DEN-3 Acute Dengue Infection in Jakarta, Indonesia Trusty Ayu Hapsari Beti Ernawati Dewi 2013
10 Initial Treatment in Housewives and Its Association with Social and Economic Factors: Cross Sectional Study at Bidara Cina Village Year 2011 Tasha Retno Asti Werdhani 2013