Medical Research Unit FK-UI

Unit Riset Kedokteran

Medical Research Unit (MRU) FMUI was established in May 2003 and ratified by Decree of the Faculty's Dean No. 141/SK/D/FK/UI/2004 about the organization and the operational procedure of MRU FMUI.

MRU is responsible for assisting the Faculty's Leadership Board in conducting the policy and research management at the FMUI.



Functional Principles of MRU

1. Developing strategies for medical and health research at international standard

2. Completing the research management

3. Developing the capacity of academic staff in the field of medical and health research

4. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of research programs at FMUI

5. Managing integrated research activities


General Goals

The creation of a stable environment and culture of research supporting the improvement of education, teaching and community service through the development of Medical Research Unit (MRU), Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia.


Special Goals

1. Improving the capacity of academic staff in the field of medical and health research.

2. Implementing an integrated research program.

3. Increasing the quantity and quality of publications in national, regional and international journals.

4. Improving national and international research funding.