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Journal/Magazine : Hindawi Publishing Corporation, BioMed Research International; 2014; 965849; 14
Prosfect of stem cell conditioned medium in regenerative medicine
Author : Jeanne Adiwinata Pawitan
Departemen :Histology, Level : International, Article Category : research
Medical Writer : yes, Research Type : others

Background. Stem cell-derived conditioned medium has a promising prospect to be produced as pharmaceuticals for regenerative

medicine. Objective. To investigate various methods to obtain stem cell-derived conditioned medium (CM) to get an insight into

their prospect of application in various diseases. Methods. Systematic review using keywords “stem cell” and “conditioned medium”

or “secretome” and “therapy.” Data concerning treated conditions/diseases, type of cell that was cultured, medium and supplements

to culture the cells, culture condition,CMprocessing, growth factors and other secretions thatwere analyzed,method of application,

and outcome were noted, grouped, tabulated, and analyzed. Results. Most of CM using studies showed good results. However, the

various CM, even when they were derived from the same kind of cells, were produced by different condition, that is, from different

passage, culturemedium, and culture condition.Thegrowth factor yields of the various types of cells were available in some studies,

and the cell number that was needed to produce CMfor one application could be computed. Conclusion. Various stemcell-derived

conditionedmedia were tested on various diseases and mostly showed good results. However, standardized methods of production

and validations of their use need to be conducted


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