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Data Resident (PPDS)
Research Title Validity and Reliability test Questionnaire on measuring Patientís Anesthesia Knowledge at Cipto Mangunkusumo Preoperative Hospital Clinic
Kaji Etik Pass Number
Kaji Etik Pass Date 13 Januari 2014
Focus Others (-)
Principal Investigator Farah Soraya
Pembimbing 1 dr. Arif HM Marsaban SpAn(K)
Pembimbing 2 Aida Rosita Tantri
Departement Anesthesiology
Category Other
Research Date 13 Januari 2014
Research Object Manusia
Fund Source
Level Penelitian Resident (PPDS)

Background: Various studies and researches have been conducted abroad to
determine the patient’s anesthesia knowledge, although no standard
questionnaires exist. Research on anesthesia’s knowledge questionnaires have
never been done specifically in Cipto Mangunkusumo hospital. A valid and
reliable questionnaire is aimed to be a standard instrument assessing the
community’s knowledge on anesthesia, and as a foundation for future researches.
Methods:. The anesthesia knowledge questionnaires has been evaluated through
a pre-test phase done by experts and pilot test, the results was then revised until it
is acceptable and can be tested. Researches was conducted on January 2014 until
March 2014 on subjects by consecutive sampling who are going to undergo
anesthesia and evaluated at the preoperative clinic Cipto Mangunkusumo
Hospital Jakarta. Validity test techniques using construct validity with the
minimal correlation coefficient 0.3 is valid. Reliability tests using internal
consistency techniques with minimal cronbach alpha value 0.4 is reliable.
Results: Research was participated by 95 subjects with 1 subject excluded from
the research because of not filling in the questionnaire completely. The knowledge
questionnaire included 20 questions, whereas 8 questions was marked to be
invalid and unreliable that may be caused by questions and answers were not
fully understood by the subjects, the contents was too spesific, usage of medical
terms that aren’t familiar. Some of the given answers have similarities that may
confuse the subject, and also inconsistency from the subject’s answers. Low level
of salary and education with lacking of experience and information from the
subjects, has significant influence on the subjects knowledge on anesthesia which
is reflected by the low average level of the subject’s knowledge which is + 31.6%.
Conclusions: Anesthesia knowledge questionnaires on patients at preoperative
clinic Cipto Mangunkusumo hospital is invalid and unreliable therefore fail to be
a standard instrument.
Keywords: Validity, Reliability, Questionnaire, Anesthesia Knowledge