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Research Title Correlation Between Level of Lactate, P(cv - a)CO2, and Concentration of ScvO2 with Residual Gastric Volume At High Risk Surgical Patients In ICU Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital.
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Kaji Etik Pass Date 21 Oktober 2013
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Principal Investigator Peni Yulia Nastiti
Pembimbing 1 Dita Aditianingsih
Pembimbing 2 Yohanes W George
Pembimbing 3 dr. Luciana B. Sutanto MS, SpGK
Departement Anesthesiology
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Research Date 21 Oktober 2013
Research Object Manusia
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BACKGROUND: Perioperative hypoperfusion preceded by splanchnic hypoperfusion increased morbidity and mortality in high risk surgical patients. Parameter levels of blood lactate, P(cv-a)CO2 and concentration ScvO2 can be used to assess global hypoperfusion. Increased gastric residual volume associated with the occurrence of gastrointestinal regional hypoperfusion. This study aims to determine the correlation parameter global hypoperfusion (lactate, P(cv-a)CO2, ScvO2) with gastric residual volume in high risk surgical patients admitted to the ICU RSCM. METHODS: A total of 48 subjects analyzed were obtained by consecutive sampling method. The subjects are patients aged ≥ 18 years who meet the criteria of high risk surgical patients, can be mounted oro/ nasogastric tube, patients did not refuse to be included in this study, not postoperative gastrectomy, no hematemesis, without gastrostomy, not given opioid postoperatively, do the insersion of central venous catheter in v. cava superior. Patient will be excluded from the study if the patient died and performed CPR before 24 hours, administered opioid. Patients admitted to the ICU postoperatively and recorded gastric residual volume, levels of lactate, P(cv-a)CO2 , ScvO2 concentration at 0, 8th and 24th hour. RESULTS: There is a weak correlation between lactate level with gastric residual volume at 0 hour(r=0.301, p<0.05), 8th hour(r=0.374, p<0.01) and 24th hour (r=0.314, p<0.05). There is no correlation between P(cv-a)CO2 level and ScvO2 concentration with gastric residual volume at 0, 8th and 24th hour. CONCLUSION: There was no correlation between the parameters of global hypoperfusion (lactate, P(cv-a)CO2, ScvO2) with gastric residual volume.
KEYWORDS: high risk surgical patients, global hypoperfusion, splanchnic hypoperfusion , lactate , P (cv-a)CO2 , ScvO2 , gastric residual volume