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Research Title Comparison of the Fluid Resuscitation Successfullness between Conventional and EGDT Protocol in Diabetic Ketoacidosis Patients in Emergency Room of Ciptomangunkusumo Hospital: Study of the Mean MSOFA Score
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Kaji Etik Pass Date 04 November 2013
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Principal Investigator Meliana Siswanto
Pembimbing 1 Dita Aditianingsih
Pembimbing 2 Yohanes W George
Departement Anesthesiology
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Research Date 04 November 2013
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Level Penelitian Resident (PPDS)

Background: Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is one of the serious complication of
diabetes mellitus (DM) with high mortality rate . One important therapy in DKA
is fluid resuscitation. DKA protocol that recently used, is guided by
macrocirculation parameters, whereas microcirculation dysfunction can occur in
DKA. Early Goal Directed Therapy Protocol (EGDT) uses microcirculation
parameters to describe the balance of tissue oxygen supply and demand. The aim
of this study aimed to compare the success of DKA fluid resuscitation between the
groups using conventional protocols and EGDT protocol with MSOFA score as
the parameter.
Methods: This study was a single-blind randomized clinical trial of DKA patients
in the Emergency Room of Ciptomangunkusumo Hospital from December 2013 to
March 2014. Patients were divided into control and EGDT group based on
computerized randomization, then each group was resuscitated using a
conventional and EGDT protocol. Both groups received the same other DKA
treatment. MSOFA score is calculated at the beginning of this study, 6th hour and
72nd hour.
Results: A total of 26 subjects enrolled in this study, with 13 subjects in each
group. There were no significant differences between the two groups in the 6th
and 72nd hour, but based on the distribution, MSOFA score in EGDT group was
more decreased compared to the control group. There were no significant
differences of the mortality within 28 days between two groups (RR 0.333; 95 %
CI 0.04- 2.801, p = 0.593)
Conclusions: There were no significant differences of MSOFA scores dan the
mortality within 28 days between conventional DKA protocol and EGDT
Keywords: DKA, EGDT, MSOFA, fluid resuscitation