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Data Doctoral/PhD
Research Title Effects of hypothermia35o C on lidocaine toxicity in neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells ; a study in cell viability and cell death mechanisms h
Kaji Etik Pass Number
Kaji Etik Pass Date 00 00 0000
Focus Neurosciences
Principal Investigator Aida Rosita Tantri
Departement Anesthesiology
Category Biomedic
Research Date 00 00 0000
Research Object Others
Fund Source Mandiri
Level Penelitian Doctoral/PhD

Background : Lidocaine in spinal anesthesia may cause nerve injury and has been related to increase incidence of cauda equina syndrome and persistent lumbosacral neuropathy after spinal anesthesia. Therapeutic mild hypothermia is a new treatment, which increases survival chances and quality of life in ischemic nerve injury patients. The aim of this study is to obtain information about the role of mild hypothermia (35oC) in lidocaine-induced neurotoxicity.  Methods: In this experimental in vitro research,  neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cell culture was exposed to various lidocaine concentrations in hypothermic 35oC and normothermic 37oC condition. Viability of cells after various concentrations of lidocaine exposure at 37oC and 35oC was quantitatively determined by MTT colorimetric assay. Image based cytometer was also used to determine quantitatively percentage of necrotic, apoptotic and viable cells. Apoptotic cell percentage and apoptotic cell morphology was assessed with TUNEL staining. In addition, an anti apoptotic factor, Bcl-2 and apoptosis executioner active caspase 3 were assessed with sandwich  ELISA assay. Results : Lidocaine induced cell death occured in dose dependent manner. More than 50% cell death was caused by necrosis process. Active Caspase 3 concentration and viability percentage in normothermic and hypothermic condition were not significantly different. There was no significant increase in IC50 value of lidocaine, Bcl-2 concentration and cell viability after exposure to hypothermia 35oC compared with 37oC. There was no significant decreased in apoptotic and necrosis cells in hypothermia of 35oC compared with normothermia 37oC. Conclusion: Hypothermia of 35oC did not influence viability, nor inhibit apoptotic process, nor reduce neurotoxicity induced by lidocaine in neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells. Keywords : Mild hypothermia, lidocaine, nerve injury, neurotoxicity, apoptosis, mechanism of cell death