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Data Doctoral/PhD
Research Title Risk Factors of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome in Obese Early Adolescent: Scoring system as Diagnostic Prediction
Kaji Etik Pass Number 3037
Kaji Etik Pass Date 10 September 2007
Focus Others (-)
Principal Investigator Dr,dr. Bambang Supriyatno SpA(K)
Promotor Prof.dr. Mardjanis Said SpA(K)
Co Promotor Prof.dr. Bambang Hermani SpTHT-KL(K)
Co Promotor Damayanti R sjarif
Departement Child Health
Category Clinic
Research Date 10 September 2007
Research Object Manusia
Fund Source Mandiri
Level Penelitian Doctoral/PhD


Background. Snoring is the main symptom of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). Risk factors of OSAS in children are tonsil and/or adenoid hypertrophy, craniofacial disproportion, age, obesity, and atopy. Definite diagnosis of OSAS needs polisomnography which is expensive and also difficult to perform. An alternative diagnostic modality which is simple and easily implemented is required.

Objectives. (1) To obtain OSAS prevalence in obese early adolescents, (2) To define the AHI cut ­off point for OSAS diagnosis in children, (3) To know determine the risk factors of early adolescents OSAS, (3) To create scoring system To diagnose OSAS.


Place and time. This study  was conducted on obese adolescents aged 10-12 years with snoring in Jakarta, November 2007 until December 2008.


Measurements. Complete history and physical as well as lung function test, paranasal sinus X-ray, and polisomnography (PSG) with Embletta were performed in all subjects.


Main results. The prevalence of OSAS in obese early adolescents is 38.2% by using cut-off point AHI >3. Tonsil hypertrophy, and adenoid hypertrophy, and neck circumference are the main risk factors in obese early adolescent OSAS. Scoring system was designed based on this results: OS= T + A + NC; OS= OSAS score; T= Tonsil hypertrophy (>T3): yes score 1; if no: 0; A=Adenoid hypertrophy (adenoid and nasopharyngs ratio >0,8): yes score 1,5; if no: 0; NC=Neck circumference >34 cm : yes score 1; if <34 cm score 0. If OSAS score: <2 : not likely OSAS; 2 to <3,5 : may be OSAS or may not OSAS; 3,5 : most likely OSAS. This scoring system has sensitivity 62% (CI 95% 47 to 77%), specificity 100%, positiVe predictive value 100%, negative predictive value 81% (CI 95% 73 to 89%), LR(+) unlimitted, and LR(-) 0.38 (CI 95% 0.6 to 0.56), and Youden Index is 0.62.