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Research Title Effect of balanced low-calorie diet with low and high glycemic index on body weight, waist circumference and body composition in obese women
Kaji Etik Pass Number 3051
Kaji Etik Pass Date 01 Oktober 2007
Focus Human Nutrition
Principal Investigator dr Tjandraningrum
Pembimbing 1 dr. Victor Tambunan MS, SpGK
Pembimbing 2 Indriati Pramodo
Departement Medical Nutrition
Category Clinic
Research Date 01 Oktober 2007
Research Object Manusia
Fund Source Mandiri
Level Penelitian Master



The aim of this study was to investigate whether a 5 week balanced low calorie diet with low and high glycemic index (GI) can cause weight loss, decreases waist circumference and change body composition.

The study was a 5 week clinical trial study with 2 parallel groups which carried out in 73 obese women who have been recruited based in the study criterion. The subjects were divided into two groups by randomization. The balance low calorie diet 1000 kcal with carbohydrate 55%, fat 25% and protein 20% with low GI or high GI food given to the subjects, were equal in total energy and macronutrient composition. Data were collected including characteristics and calorie intake. Anthropometric measurement including fat mass (FM) and fat free mas (FFM).

Sixty subjects completing the study. The HGI group (n=33) were 32 (21-49) years old and LGI group (n=27) were 29 (19-48) years old. After intervention for 5 week, no significant differeneces were observed between two groups in weight loss: -1.17 (-5.30-1.60) kg vs -1.55±0.82 kg (p=0.06) and decreased waist circumference: -3.20±2.17 cm vs -3.82±1.94 cm (p=0.25) but significant differences between two groups in decreased percentage fat mass: -0.14±1.09% vs -1.04 (-5.80-0.50)% (p=0.007), decreased fat mass: -0.53±1.06 kg vs -1.20 (-4.20-(-0.24)) kg (p=0.006) and decrease fat free mass: -1.40±0.98 kg vs -0.17 (-0.80-2.10) (p= <0.001)

The conclusion of this study was consumption of balance low calorie diet with low GI for 5 weeks reduced percentage fat mass, fat mass and prevent reduced fat free mass in obese women subjects better than low calorie diet with high GI.

Keywords: obesity, balanced low calorie diet, glycemic index, body weight, waist circumference and body composition.