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:: Sports Medicine

Faculty Of Medicine Universitas Indonesia


Secretariat : Program Studi Ilmu Kedokteran Olahraga Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia.  Jl. Salemba Raya No.6 Jakarta 10430  Phone: 021-3156978/021-31930373 ext.48 Fax.021-3156978 Email :

Exercise is one of the key elements to maintain and improve our health. The goal of application of sports medicine is to gain benefits from exercise and sports practice, as well as prevening and managing injuries among participants. Just like other medical sciences, promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation are the basic foundation for comprehensive, integrative and continuous care  Sports Medicine Program Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FMUI) was established as an effort to fulfill the needs of society for trained medical specialist to solve training related problems for athletes and communities. Medical care based on comprehensive and its impact on human body and the abilities in counseling has been proven mandatory for successful training program.

The Seven semester Program (full time)

1. Themes :

1. Science philosophy and professional ethics, 2. Research methodolgy & biostatistics, 3. Molecular biology, 4. Clinical pharmaco;ogy 5. Clinical epidemiology and EBM. 6. Effective communication 7. Medical management service in sports 8.Growth and development 9. Nutritional assessment 10. Gender verification 11. Psychology in sports 12. Movement analysis 13. Functional capacity 14. Doping control 15. Exercise programming 16. Sports injuries 17. Exercise for special population and condition

2. Research

Requitments :

- Medical doctors

- Age < 40 years

- Communication skill

- Ability to work in group

- English proficiency (TOEFL score > 500)



Student registration via Consortium Helath Sciences at FMUI Jl. Salemba Raya No.6 Jakarta 10430 Phone 021-3100354, 3907411 Fax.021-3907411  

The admission test is conducted on April and October.   The candidate accepted in the program will start the program on August.